New Haboob Record Out Now

The numbered hand silk-screened records are sold out. Look for a 2nd edition with a different cover (same colored vinyl) soon.

Haboob Record

Behold the vinyl! Brand new coloured vinyl from Haboob. 9 original tracks recorded by Jim Waters at Waterworks West. Cover and label designed by Haboob bassist Ryen Eggleston. This record is co-released with PIAPTK, where the record can be obtained –

Records can also be obtained in Tucson, AZ at Old Paint Record Shop and Wooden Tooth Records. Haboob will also be selling a limited amount of records at their live shows.


Official Record Release Party for Haboob

Haboob announces the official record release party for their self-titled vinyl record at Tap & Bottle on Thursday Nov. 10th, 2016 at 8:30pm. Special guests, party favors and great music will be had. Double drums will be played by Ben Schnieder and Dimitri Manos (Krab Legz). Nick Letson (Asian Fred), Ryen Eggleston (Golden Boots), Clay Koweek (Loveland), and tidypaws (Tropical Trio) will also play. Special Guests are TBD. There will be a food truck parked just outside the front door and the weather is going to be fantastic- everybody says so.

If you cannot attend this wonderful event, records are still available online at


French Telephone @ Stereolux, Nantes, FR

French Telephone is the French iteration of Jazz Telephone, formed to play original compositions written by Jeff Grubic. French Telephone played on July 9th, 2015 in Nantes, France at Stereolux in conjunction with the So Film Summercamp Festival.

French Telephone: Jeff Grubic- sax, Enid Pifeteau- organ, Stephane Louvin- guitar, Matthias Moreno- drums, Benoit Guchitet- bass.


Grubic’s Cube in Nantes, France

In conjunction with La Nuit du Van in Nantes, France, Grubic’s Cube, a large metal cage, was built, inside of which a band played for four hours until impeded by thousands of balloons inflated by passers-by.

The musicians: Jeff Grubic- sax, Enid Pifeteau- organ, Stephane Louvin- guitar, Matthias Moreno- drums, Benoit Guchitet- bass. Special thanks to Laurent Marechal and Greg!


Jazz Telephone @ Exploded View Microcinema

This show is on Friday 3/27 at 7:30 at Exploded View Microcinema.

Celebrated experimental filmmaker Dominic Angerame (SF) makes a special appearance at Exploded View, screening his film cycle that explores the unprecedented change in the urban landscape of San Francisco. Chronicled in beautiful black & white celluloid, Angerame poetically questions the role of human labor and the unintended consequences of progress on a city in chaotic flux. Tonight we screen films in both 16mm and video, including Deconstruction Site and In The Course of Human Events. Opening the show and accompanying Angerame’s films Continuum & The Soul of Things is sax master Jeff Grubic’s Jazz Telephone!!